Known Problems in the Software
A: This bug exists in version Beta 0.04.1. It is fixed in 0.04.2 which was placed on the web on July 18, 2002.
A: This was a bug in Beta Version 0.04.1. It was fixed in 0.04.2 placed on the web on July 18, 2002.
A: This is fixed in beta version 0.04.3, dated July 29, 2002. It required a bit of a work-around, so please report and residual problems after downloading the current version.
A: This bug seems to have been introduced in version 5, which was released in January, 2003. A fix is available on the website as of March 5, 2003. The fixed version 5.12. The patch currently on the website fixes this and all previously reported bugs. Users are strongly encouraged to install the patch.
A: This problem stems from a bug in the program. We have located and repaired the bug, and will post the fix in Version 0.05.14 by June 3, 2003 to the website.
A: This will be fixed in the next release. Eliminate missing value RANGES (unique values are ok) from SPSS files. Use AM to recode these to missing. To use AM to recode values to missing, right-click on the variable in the Variable List and select "Set Missing Values" and proceed from there
A: This was a bug in Version Beta 0.05.14. It affected only the reported p-value for this procedure. It is fixed in Version 0.05.15, which is available on the website as of August, 20, 2003
A: This is a bug. We have corrected it and will incorporate the fix in Beta version 0.05.15, which we will release before September 1.
A: Thank you. We caught this production problem, and are preparing a re-release before the end of the day. Sorry for the inconvenience. The new release will be version 0.05.16.
A: This is a reporting problem that does not affect parameter estimates, standard error estimates, or t-statistics for other parameters. It will be fixed in version 0.06.00, which is scheduled for release at the end of October, 2003.
A: This bug has been fixed in the version of the AMDFTransfer component placed on the web on 12/01/03. We made a corresponding patch available at the same time. Current users who have the transfer component installed can just install the patch.
A: This bug is fixed in beta release 0.06.02, placed on the website on April 15, 2004 (tax day). Registed users can install a patch. New users will download the new version, and will not require the patch.
A: This is a bug in the current release, and will be fixed in the next release. The procedure tried to create a table with over 1000 rows (the independent variable has over 1000 unique values). In the process, the system tries to create a 2000x2000 matrix. The crash results as a function of a page fault or exhausted virtual memory, and can occur whether or not you try to cancel the run. Prior to the next release, try to avoid tables with so many rows.