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Data File Format - DRAFT VERSION

The data file must be a flat ASCII file (or a SAS Transport file) corresponding to the layout provided in the data dictionary. The data must conform to two conventions.

  1. All test items must be scored using sequential numbers from 0-k, where k is a maximum score; and
  2. The layout file must be named filename.dct, while the data file must be filename.dat

Although the software provides rudimentary facilities for creating new variables, most users will probably want to use commercial software to manipulate data before importing it.

To import data, choose the File Menu and go to the Import Data option. As described above, select either AM Text Transport File or SAS Transport File. The computer will lead you to an open file option - select the file you plan to import - and double click on the file with the “.dct” (or “.tpt” if you are importing a SAS transport file) ending.