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Importing SAS Files

Earlier versions of AM had a specific facility for importing SAS transport files. That functionality, along with the ability to import from many, many other file formats, is now incorporated in a general facility under File|Import|General Import. Click here to learn more about this. Please read the specific information for SAS at the bottom of that page.

Importing from other statistics packages may also require a dictionary file.  If you want to use any of the MML procedures for test data, you will need to specify the tests and the item parameters (see Importing AM text import file for more details).   When importing a SAS transport file the dictionary only contains information that is not contained in the SAS header. Specifically, the dictionary contains information about the tests, such as item parameters and the arrangement of items into subtests. AM does not process character variables, and skips over any character variables in the SAS file.  After the initial import, select File|Update Metadata from the File menu to read in the dictionary.