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Save and Edit Graphics
AM graphics are designed to be presentation quality. However, we recognize that users will occasionally have reason to annotated or modify the look, font size, or other characteristics of the graphics. We have facilitated such modification by making it easy to save graphics to a variety of formats that can then be imported into your favorite graphics programs.

To edit a graph in a graphics program:

  1. From the "File" menu on the graphics output window (the window that displays the graph), select "Save As"
  2. Choose a format that your graphic program can read. Most likely, you will want to use .emf or .tiff. These are vector graphics that can be easily imported into programs like Microsoft Powerpoint (tm).
  3. Go into your graphic program, and insert the graphic. In many programs, there is a menu that says something like Insert|Picture|From file.

Sometimes when importing into a graphics program, you must click on the picture to get it to import completely. Once it does, sometimes (this is weird, but you'll know it if it happens), the translation process puts a transparent rectangle over the whole picture, and it seems like you cannot edit the picture. Delete the transparent rectangle (you'll know it was there if you can delete it and your graphic is still visible). Then try to modify the graphic however you like.